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Outpatient Therapy in Bloomington IL

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Bloomington Outpatient Care Services


You may require pain management or recovery post-surgery - If so, you should take a look at our outpatient therapy services at Hopedale Medical Complex. Our medical center specializes in providing outpatient care to those who do not require long-term hospital admission. Moreover, our center provides cardiac rehabilitation as part of our outpatient therapy. With this therapy, medically supervised education and exercise programs are designed to help persons become stronger after a "cardiac event." These outpatient programs are made to monitor and control proper bodily functions including cardiopulmonary, respiratory, motor functions, and others to help with a speedy recovery.

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Visit Hopedale Medical Complex for our high-quality ambulatory care. We work hard to bring you only the most effective services to help you recover from your illness or condition. With our help, you can live a better and more comfortable life. Trust us today with any of the following:

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