About HMC

Our History

On May 8, 1955, Dr. Lawrence J. Rossi, Sr. opened Hopedale Hospital with the help of dozens of hardworking area farmers, generous local citizens, and volunteers. Over a half-century later, Dr. Rossi’s dream lives on. Hopedale Hospital, which began with only 20 beds, has blossomed into nearly a 200-bed continuum-of-care facility.  The Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC) is now staffed by 300 dedicated employees and healthcare professionals. HMC includes a 25-bed acute care hospital, 59-bed nursing home, 70-bed assisted and independent living facility, 34,000 square foot Wellness Center, the Midwest Vascular Institute, and four satellite doctor’s offices in area towns.

The non-profit Hopedale Medical Foundation, which owns and operates HMC proudly serves  20,000 patients a year in southern Tazewell, Mason, McLean, and Logan counties. Located a short distance from Peoria and Bloomington, HMC offers a wide variety of quality healthcare services from skilled physicians who practice both primary care and surgery.

Many individuals are unaware that Hopedale Medical Complex offers virtually the same services as many larger, city hospitals, including:  a 24-hour emergency room, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), general and vascular surgery departments, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, sports medicine, mammography, open magnetic imaging resonance (MRI), computed tomography scanning (CT), and many of the new innovative technologies needed for modern medicine.

Dr. Lawrence J. Rossi, Sr.Opening of Hopedale Hospital in 1955