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Gift Shop

The Candy Striper Gift Shop

Hospital Gift Shops have long been a staple in the entrance area of most hospitals, throughout history, selling a variety of goods from gum to get well gifts and personal care items to snacks.  An oasis of calm in a hectic medical atmosphere, gift shops offer a way to step away from everything, providing those who utilize them an opportunity to do a little bit of shopping.

Since the very beginning and continuing into today, a gift shop has graced the hallways of HMC selling a variety of different products both handmade, store bought and dependent on the needs of the time.  There has always been a constant in this equation that has made this successful. That constant is the presence of volunteers and their willingness to give of their time and talents to help support our gift shop.

The HMC Gift Shop Ladies, many who have been manning the gift shop for numerous years, are dedicated to the success and understand the importance of what a hospital gift shop can bring to a medical facility.  Throughout the years, many of the proceeds that were made by gift shop sales also went to buy new or needed equipment for the complex.  This tradition still continues today.

Hopedale Medical Complex opened a new boutique style gift shop in the main entrance of the Hospital in late May of 2016. Celebrating the importance of volunteers, the gift shop is named the Candy Striper Gift Shop and utilizes antique medical equipment throughout for displays, showcasing not only an entirely new gift shop inventory but also the rich history of Hopedale Medical Complex.

From purses to jewelry and cards to gift items, the boutique gift shop will have a little bit of something for everyone meeting the needs of those not only here at the complex, but also the Hopedale Community.  Consider coming and shopping at the Candy Striper Gift Shop for your next gift purchase and see what we have to offer.  Store hours are from 10am-2pm on select weekdays.  Call 309-449-4290 to see what the hours are for this week.

If you would like to know more about the Candy Striper Gift Shop and what we will have to offer, please contact Volunteer Services at 309.449.4290. New volunteers are always welcome and no prior volunteer experience is necessary.  Consider being a part of the new Candy Striper Gift Shop!