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Rural Hospital Nursing Scholarship

Hopedale Medical Foundation is offering the opportunity to current nursing students and high school seniors pursing a nursing career for its Rural Hospital Nursing Scholarship.  This scholarship opportunity is in addition to the annual high school senior/college freshman scholarships which are announced in April of each year by the Hopedale Medical Foundation.  

This Scholarship Is Currently Not Available.

The application deadline has passed for 2022.  Questions should be directed to Annika Myers at 309.449.4296.  

Please note:  A $15,000 Nursing Scholarship may be awarded each year for a maximum of 4 years ($60,000 total).  Recipients of a $15,000 scholarship must commit to work as a full-time RN at Hopedale Medical Complex (hospital or nursing home) for a minimum of 3 years after licensure.  If applicant receives more than one $15,000 scholarship, the period will be extended to 5 years following licensure.  Failure to obtain a nursing license or work the required term requires the applicant to repay to HMC any scholarship monies paid out with interest at the rate of 4.45%.  Other details and restrictions are explained in the scholarship application.

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