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View Medical Records

Requesting Medical Records


To request copies of medical records, the patient must complete and sign a Release of Information form to protect confidentiality.  A nominal fee may be charged for copies in accordance with Illinois State Guidelines.  The paper forms are available in the Health Information Department of the hospital; you may download the forms by clicking on the links below.

 Consent to Release Hospital Medical Records 
Consent to Release Physician Medical Records 
*Note: Hospital records and Physician Office records must be requested separately.*

Completed forms may be:

The typical processing time for medical records requests can be up to 30 days depending on the availability of the medical record. For urgent requests please call the Health Information Management Department at 309-449-4286.  This office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm.  Please note:  When picking up copies of your medical records in person a copy of your photo ID will be required.

We insist that our staff observe patient confidentiality thus respecting your right to privacy about your medical records and experience at our hospital.  Please read Notice of Privacy Practices.


Obtaining Copies of Your Records


To request copies of your own medical records please complete the following digital form.  Upon form submission a member of the Health Information Management department will reach out to confirm the identity of the requestor prior to releasing records. 

This method of obtaining your personal medical records is replacing our previous "patient portal".  If you are wanting to obtain a complete copy of your records please refer to the previous section titled "Requesting Medical Records".