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TIF Procedure




Fixing the Root Cause of Reflux.

Reflux gets worse over time.  And your body pays the price.  Eventually, your esophageal valve will need to be rebuilt to put a stop to reflux and avoid futher damage to your body. With the TIF® procedure you now have an effective procedure that's clinically proven to work.


The TIF® Procedure Delivers Relief.


The path to a reflux-free life begins when you decide that managing your symptoms is not solving the problem. Typically, people will attempt to first control the symptoms with diet and lifestyle changes. When that ceases to have an affect on symptoms, your doctor will suggest PPIs.

Since you can’t cure reflux with either of those steps, people often choose to have their valve restored to its original effectiveness with the TIF® procedure.



Evolution of Reflux Surgery Leads to the TIF® Procedure.


The TIF® procedure eliminates the need for incisions and cutting by using the natural pathway of the mouth and esophagus to access the esophageal valve and stomach. The device enables the same results as traditional surgery without the complications and side effects.


The TIF® Procedure






Where can I find more information about the TIF® procedure?
Please head to the TIF procedure website for exstensive information, videos, and resources to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

TIF Procedure Website

Is the TIF® procedure safe?
To date, physicians have performed the TIF procedure on more than 27,000 cases worldwide with minimal complications and a serious adverse event rate under 0.5%. Clinical studies demonstrate that properly selected TIF patients rarely experience long-term side effects commonly associated with traditional antireflux surgery, such as chronic trouble swallowing, gas bloat syndrome, and increased flatulence.

Is the TIF® procedure effective?
The TIF procedure has been evaluated in over 100 published papers from over 75 centers documenting consistent outcomes in over 1,500 unique studies of TIF patients. 80% of U.S. patients reported being off daily proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medication and 82% had healed their esophagitis. Please review all safety information.

Is the TIF® procedure covered by insurance?
TIF is covered by insurance. The cost of the TIF procedure can vary depending upon your health plan, as well as your choice of surgeon and hospital. For questions about insurance coverage of the TIF procedure, contact a health plan’s representative directly. Some private health plans may require the patient or surgeon to submit paperwork for pre-authorization of an elective surgery. EndoGastric Solutions has a dedicated team of reimbursement specialists available to help you navigate the pre-authorization and coverage for the TIF procedure.

How long does the procedure take?
The TIF procedure averages about 30 minutes in duration.

Is the TIF® procedure really incisionless?
While the TIF procedure can be performed without incisions, it is often combined with the surgical repair of a hiatal hernia (when the stomach slips up into the chest and worsens reflux symptoms). This is called a combined TIF or cTIF. If no hiatal hernia is present, than we can consider a TIF without surgical incisions.

TIF trained physicians insert the device through the mouth rather than through an abdominal incision. The advantages of an incisionless procedure over conventional laparoscopic or open antireflux surgery include:






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