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Transitional Care in Bloomington IL

Comprehensive Planning & Complex Care Services

Individualized Comprehensive Planning for Your Transition

Promoting the coordination of safe and timely passage of patients between levels of health care and across care settings is the primary goal of transitional care. This type of specialized care is especially important for older adults with multiple chronic conditions and complex therapeutic regimens as well as for their family caregivers. They often receive care from many providers and move frequently within health care settings. Therefore, a standardized procedure for providing care for these types of patients should be in place so that errors in treatment and medication can be avoided. This can only be provided by a trusted, full-service clinic like Hopedale Medical Complex. We have the capabilities to provide you with the care that you require.

Discuss the Plan for Your Transition

Proper continuity of health care is essential for a full recovery, Hopedale Medical Complex knows this, and we are dedicated to providing quality transitions for our patients that will ensure that your needs are met. Our expert staff will help as you focus on getting better. Our center offers the following services:

Hopedale Medical Complex is your partner in recovery!

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