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FREE & Convenient Medical Planning Program


What you Get:
Free HMC medication tray filled with your daily maintenance medications each month and pharmacist notes to you if needed.


  • Medications filled for you on a regular basis for just the cost of your copay. 
  • Less trips to the pharmacy.  Full month of all prescriptions at once.
  • Automatic refill.  No more worrying about remembering request your refills.
  • Free delivery of medications.

How to get started:
Call the pharmacy at 309-449-6206 to sign up for the program or submit your refills online with our easy refill system.  

Note: Program is for routine maintenance medications only (medications taken on a daily basis).  Medications taken as needed or over the counter products are not included in the box.  Although a pharmacist is available to answer any questions you may have about these, such as interactions, duplications, or organizing with a daily regimen.  Narcotics requiring a signature of the prescribing physician are not included in the program.

Medication Transfers
Transferring your prescriptions to Hopedale Pharmacy is easy.  We actually do all of the work for you. Just ask the pharmacist about transferring and we will make sure you don’t miss a beat with your prescriptions.

Need more information about a medication you are being provided?  Call the pharmacy at 309.449.6206 and one of our team members can assist you.