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Sports Physical Therapy

Athletes have more than ever on their plates these days. Proper training, recovery, and injury rehabilitation are essential to preserving long-term health and wellness, but very often are pushed off for the sake of an athlete's season. Increased strain on the body during training should always be followed up by proper rehabilitation to prevent more serious injuries.

When injuries do occur, a comprehensive plan for proper physical therapy must be in place to ensure there are no long-term negative side effects.

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Sports Physical Therapy at Hopedale Wellness Center

We are looking out for not only your short-term athletic goals but making sure that your physical therapy plan is truly what’s best for your body over the rest of your life. Too often, sports physical therapy is short-sighted in an effort to rush a player back on the field without considering the possible long-term consequences.

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Our Atheltic Training Staff at the Wellness Center work closely with you and your loved ones when it comes to sports injury rehab.

Get back to your peak level of athletic performance today. When an injury happens, begin rehabbing and training with Hopedale Wellness Center. Located inside of our Medical Complex, the Center offers physical therapy, sports training, and more to get you back on the field!

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Concussion Management

With emerging research on brain development and concussions, the Hopedale Wellness Center has invested in tools that are extremely valuable in assessing brain function after a sports-related concussion. We test for six brain functions: attention span, working memory, sustained or selective attention time, response variability, non-verbal problem-solving, and reaction time. Having this deeper level of information in the brain allows for safer return-to-play decision-making for your family & coaches.

Armed with better information, today’s athletes can have safer returns to sports with less risk of long-term damage. Read about our Concussion care and Neurologists' protocol here:

Hopedale Wellness Center Sports Therapy Program

Depending on the needs of each athlete, we provide full access to the following services at our Sports Clinic. Our sister site for the Hopedale Wellness Center holds the following information if you are looking for a(n):

“Proper training, recovery, and injury rehabilitation
is essential to preserving long-term health and wellness,
but very often is pushed off for the sake of an athlete's season.”


What is Sports Physical Therapy?

Sports physical therapy is when a trainer helps rehab athletes who have sustained physical injuries during the course of competing in their sport.

Sports physical therapy focuses on both the short-term goals of having the athlete recover as quickly as possible, as well as the long-term goals of properly rehabbing the athlete’s body to ensure there are as few negative side-effects as possible. Injuries in sports are unavoidable even among the most skilled competition, do not let a sport injury become a permanent problem - Let the Hopedale Wellness Center Sports Therapy Program help!

Sports Medicine Program


How is Sports Medicine Different from Physical Therapy?

While often seen as being interchangeable, sports medicine and physical therapy have some differences that are important to note when considering your options. If you have suffered an injury while playing any sport, competitive or non-competitive, you should certainly be checked out by a sports medicine professional. They will be able to provide a customized rehab plan to ensure you get the treatment needed to perform at a high level again.

If you have ongoing aches or muscle pain, having a physical therapist suggest ongoing treatment may be in your best interest as they will focus on the source of the pain and attempt to help you live a more pain-free life.

Not to worry, we provide both services at our Hopedale location:
Sports Medicine @ the Wellness Center
Physical Therapy @ Outpatient Services

With either of these options, this page is solely intended for information purposes and does not offer advice or personal recommendations. It is always best to consult with your primary physician before making a decision as they will be able to ask the right questions to determine the best course of action for you. Contact someone from our staff today by phone or e-mail.

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