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Mark Rossi | President/COO

Phone: 309.449.4296 Email: mfrossi@hopedalemc.com

Nick Penn | Chief Financial Officer

Email: npenn@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4364


Andie Halley | VP of Non-Clinical Operations; Human Resources Manager; Corporate Compliance Officer

Emai: ahalley@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4939

Emily Whitson | VP of Clinical Operations, Physical Therapy Manager

Email: ewhitson@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4526

Opal Meyer | Miss Mona's Childcare Manager

Email: omeyer@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4933

Jill Litwiller | Patient Access Manager

Email: jmlitwiller@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4380

Jerry Masching | Maintenance Manager

Email: jmasching@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4426

Regina Rogers | Laboratory Manager

Email: rrogers@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4327

John Sherman | Pharmacist/ Outpatient Pharmacy Supervisor

Email: jsherman@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4330

Jackie Lampe | Hopedale Commons West Assistant Manager

Email: jlampe@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.6790

Greg Eberle | Manager of Wellness Center Program Services

Email: geberle@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4533

Lisa McLaughlin | Pharmacy Manager

Email: lamclaug@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.6300

Tim Sondag | Chief Nursing Officer/Nursing Home Director of Nursing & Co-Administrator/Hospital Director of Nursing

Email: tsondag@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4145

Alan Ferguson | Vascular Lab Manager

Email: awfergus@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4225

Jerry Flowers | Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Lab Manager

Email: jflowers@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4649

Cathy Mueller | Medical Arts Clinical Manager/Director of Nursing

Email: cmueller@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4348

Kathy Roach | Environmental Services Manager

Email: kjroach@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4239

Brittnee Shipton | Materials Management Assistant Manager

Email: bshipton@hopedalemc.com Phone: 309.449.4595