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Emily Whitson | Chief Operating Officer

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4296

Jeffrey Piper | Chief Financial Officer

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4362

Tim Sondag | Chief Nursing Officer/Nursing Home Director of Nursing & Co-Administrator/Hospital Director of Nursing

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4145

Aldo Rossi | Patient Care Services Senior Director

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4831

Kathy Roach | Food Services Senior Director & Environmental Services Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4239

Joe Whitson | Senior Director of Professional & Facility Services

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4348


Brian Behrends | Plant Operations Director

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4426

Andrew Blancaflor | Patient Accounts Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4413

James Cassidy | IT Manager l Phone: 309.449.4644

Scott Cruse | Vascular Lab Department Manager/Technical Director

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4226

Greg Eberle | Hopedale Wellness Center Manager

Email: I Phone: 309.449.4533

Erin Evans | Radiology Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4230

Alan Ferguson | Project/Data Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4225

Benjamin Frietsch | Pharmacy Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4330

Alyssa Goodman | Lead of HR & People Operations Administrator

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4284

David "Jeff" Greer | Laboratory Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4384

Jennifer Hubert | Lead Dietitian

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4332

Opal Kuban | Child Care Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4933

Jackie Lampe | Commons Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.6790

Jill Litwiller | Patient & Employee Experience Manager

Email: I Phone: 309.449.4380

Lisa Rossi McLaughlin | Pharmacy Director

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4370

Ricky Moore | Security Lead

Email: l Email: 309.449.4433

Angie Pacotti-Long | Food Services Director/Chef

Email: I Phone: 309.449.4243

Greg Pappas | Purchasing Department Lead

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4595

Tiffany Sparks | Respiratory Therapy Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4649

Janet VanDyke | MAPBO Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4945

Lynn VanDyke | Health Information Management Manager

Email: l Phone: 309.449.4081