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HMC Doctor's Day Coloring Contest Winners Announced
March 28, 2024

Hopedale, IL – Thanks to a collaboration between local area teachers, their 1st and 2nd grade students, and Hopedale Medical Complex, Doctor’s Day, celebrated on March 30, 2024, has been showcased around the complex with displays of local schools coloring contest artwork.

To promote the importance of Doctor’s Day to those throughout our community, we want to make sure to recognize the dedication and skills of our doctors and their unwavering commitment to our local communities.  Doctor’s Day also gives us the opportunity to share with students the importance of annual checkups, eating healthy, and always being active.

With over 290 entries, from six different school districts, plus the addition of Miss Mona’s Daycare, we are excited to announce this year’s winners.  Each student winner has won a $25 Gift Card for their classroom for their teacher to use at their discretion.

1st Grade Class Winners –

  • Dee Mack – Drew L. – Ms. Cottingham’s Class
  • Dee Mack – Isla M. – Ms. Mathis’s Class
  • Dee Mack – Raelynn J. - Ms. Locke’s Class
  • Midwest Central – Owen W. – Ms. Nieuwkoop’s Class
  • Midwest Central – Bryar H. – Ms. Bohm’s Class
  • Olympia North – Madelyn P. – Ms. Jackson’s Class
  • Olympia South – Claire L. – Ms. Gray’s Class
  • Tremont – Kailey C. – Ms. Reber’s Class
  • Christian Life Academy – Isaiah L. – Ms. Bowman’s Class

2nd Grade Class Winners –

  • Dee Mack – Maggie G. – Ms. Hubbard’s Class
  • Dee Mack – Aubrey K. – Ms. Martinez’s Class
  • Christian Life Academy – Haylee F. – Ms. Kendregan’s Class
  • Delavan – Brycen B. – Ms. Butler’s Class
  • Delavan – Avery N. – Ms. Liechty’s Class

Congratulations to each of our winners!  We are so appreciative of the great artwork that we had the opportunity to hang in our halls showcasing to others what Doctor’s Day 2024 is all about.  To learn more about Hopedale Medical Complex, our doctors, and the services we provide, please visit our website at or find us on Facebook.