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Staff Honored at Employee Awards Ceremony
August 16, 2022

Hopedale, IL – During the most recent Employee Awards Ceremony at Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC), 3 team members were honored for their commitment to HMC and the community that we serve.  While each person is responsible for their essential duties in their respective departments, each understands the importance of working as a team for the success of the entire complex.

Two individuals, Deb Fryman and Missy Springer, were honored with the July Employee of the Month Awards.  Deb, our first award winner, is a member of the Hopedale Commons team and is the Activity Director.  In 2022, Deb will be celebrating her 25th anniversary with HMC.  In her 25 years on campus, Deb has not only worked at the Commons, but also in Patient Accounts.  Nominated by Jackie Lampe, Hopedale Commons Manager, Jackie shared, “Deb uses her skills to help improve the lives of our residents.  Deb’s career here at HMC has been filled with service, love of the elderly and dedication to all things HMC.”

Missy Springer form the Dietary Department is the second Employee of the Month honoree.  With 12 years of service in the Dietary Department, Missy understands the importance of providing 3 meals a day for our residents and patients.  “Missy is such a hard worker and a great example to her peers.  She is punctual and is the first person to assist when a problem arises,” commented Angie Pacotti-Long, Dietary Manager.

The COO (Character of an Outstanding Organization) award was given to Ricky Moore, Security Lead at HMC.  While Ricky mainly works the night shift, he is diligent with keeping on top of everything that is happening on the campus.  In her comments, Emily Whitson, COO, said, “Ricky should be commended for the assistance he provides the night shift with any issues that arise on campus while also being an excellent resource of knowledge during that shift.”