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HMC Staff Receive Awards
April 4, 2022

Hopedale, IL – Care, compassion and excellence comes from many departments at Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC), but the March Employee of the Month Awardees’ impacts are felt the minute our patients, residents and customers walk in the door.

Our March Employee of the Month was awarded to the HMC Patient Access Team Lead, Brandi Groenewold.  Brandi has been an employee for over 7 years at HMC and is a familiar face to many of our patients.  Nominated by the Outpatient Testing Department, Brandi is known for helping make the diagnostic hallway run smoother.  The Outpatient Testing Department shared, “Brandi is an asset to everyone at HMC due to her work ethic, her problem-solving skills, and her leadership in the Outpatient Testing area.”

Receiving the March COO (Character of an Outstanding Organization) Award, Mary Gooding, HMC Pharmacy Tech has been an integral part of the retail pharmacy team for over 6 years.  As a Pharmacy Tech, Mary provides frontline interaction with our pharmacy customers providing them the assistance they need in picking up their prescriptions.  Emily Whitson, HMC COO commented, “Mary provides outstanding customer service to everyone she encounters.  She goes the extra mile and contributes to a positive work environment.”

With over 300 dedicated employees, the HMC Campus is continually growing.  If you are interested in learning more about our current career opportunities, head to