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August 2021 HMC Employee Awards
August 31, 2021

Hopedale, IL - Focused on patients, residents, staff and community, Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC) Employees strive each day to advance the mission and vision that is rooted in the foundation of the medical complex.  Each month, the HMC Employee Empowerment Team hosts an awards ceremony for those employees, who are recognized by their peers, for the outstanding work that they are doing in one of the over 30 different departments that are a part of the HMC campus.

Two HMC Employees were awarded the August Employee of the Month Award.  The first winner is Jeff Simpson from the Environmental Health Services Department.  In his nomination Jeff was recognized for the pride and initiative that he takes in the job that he does each day.  Nominator, Reggie Owsiany shared, “I’m impressed at the initiative Jeff takes to keep HMC looking good.  If you’ve never seen him before, just look high or low.  Jeff’s either scrubbing baseboards on his hands and knees or reaching to clean the window outside.”

Katie Clough, from the Hopedale Wellness Center, is our second August Employee of the Month.  Nominated two times this month, Katie’s personality, and gusto for helping others is really a driving force at the HWC.  “Since Katie started, she has gone out of her way to engage and establish connections with members at the HWC,” shared fellow employee Joseph Garcia.  Additionally, Jenn Hubert commented, “Katie seems to be a perfect fit as the initial face and greeter for people entering the facility, she certainly always puts a smile on my face!”

The August COO Award (Character of an Outstanding Organization) was given to the Hopedale Laboratory Staff whose workload has significantly increased and is constantly changing during COVID-19.  Lead by Jeff Greer, the Hopedale Laboratory Staff plays an essential role in almost every patient and resident case that is here at the complex.  The COO Award is given to those who “show extraordinary efforts to uphold and advance the mission, vision, and culture of HMC in their work.”  Emily Whitson, HMC COO, commented, “This department keeps its nose to the grindstone, is constantly focused and continues to push their limits with all the adaptations they have had to make during COVID.”