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ER Doc Finds Awards & Relaxation in Photography
May 21, 2021

Hopedale, IL – If you have a passion follow it.  If you have two passions, find a balance by letting one pay for the other.  Dr. Elsburgh Clarke, ER Doctor with EPSS Emergency Medicine Group at Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC), has mastered this philosophy and is winning awards for the photographic artwork he creates in his spare time.  Carrying a stethoscope and not one, but two or more cameras, Elsburgh Clarke is not your typical ER doctor. 

In April of 2021, Dr. Elsburgh Clarke, was chosen by the Club of Black & White Photography, a club that has over 77,000 international members who are photographers, for a photo he took while riding with the Peoria Fire Department.  Since 2004, Clarke has captured thousands of photos of the Peoria Fire Department some of which he has published into a book entitled the “Eyes of Fire – The Peoria Fire Department” which highlights firefighters as they respond to fire and EMS calls.  Dr. Clarke commented, “It’s very important to me to detail and photograph these heroic First Responders as they are on scene.”

While Dr. Clarke is an integral member of the ER Staff with EPSS Emergency Medicine Group at Hopedale Medical Complex, he has also become the hospital’s resident photographer capturing glimpses into what happens daily at HMC.  Emily Whitson, Hopedale Medical Complex COO shared, “We are allowed the opportunity to see both of Dr. Clarke’s passions come together here at HMC.  He truly offers a unique perspective to what we do in his photography.”

Dr. Clarke truly explains it best.  Clarke said, “I’ve been asked many times as to why I ride along during my days off.  It's a form of relaxation from the ER, but mostly because I can exercise and practice my passion and love of photography.  Some people go golfing or play tennis, me, I go riding with the Peoria Fire Department on my day off.”