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July Employees Honored at HMC
August 3, 2020

Hopedale, IL - Focused on patients, residents, staff and community, Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC) Employees strive each day to advance the mission and vision that is rooted in the foundation of the medical complex.  Each month, HMC Employee Empowerment hosts an awards ceremony for those employees, who are recognized by their peers, for the outstanding work that they are doing in one of the 37 different departments that are a part of the HMC campus.

The July Employee of the Month has been awarded to Brad Nafziger, HMC Courier.  In his nomination form, Brad was recognized for always doing his best to accommodate the needs of fellow employees and taking on additional duties  without hesitation during COVID-19.

During the month of July, the COO Award (Character of an Outstanding Organization) was given to 3 individuals and 1 group whose workload has significantly increased and is constantly changing during COVID-19.  Those honored include Jackie Lampe – Hopedale Commons Manager, Tim Sondag - Chief Nursing Officer, Britney Stedman – Nursing Home Social Services Director, and the entire Environmental Health Services Department.  The COO Award is given to those who “show extraordinary efforts to uphold and advance the mission, vision, and culture of HMC in their work.”  Emily Whitson, HMC COO, commented, “While the restrictions and adaptations to their work environments have been constant, these staff members have continued to push forward to adhere to all of the regulations that have been given to them during COVID-19 and their work has not gone unnoticed.”

HMC now staffs over 300 dedicated employees and healthcare professionals and was recently awarded a 5 Star Rating from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).  In 2020, HMC is celebrating 65 years and continues to be a leader in healthcare innovation.