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COO Honored with Women in Leadership Award
August 14, 2020

Hopedale, IL –  Focused on the passion she gives to her work, the mission of Hopedale Medical Complex (HMC), and meeting the needs of the patients, residents and staff of HMC, Emily Whitson-COO, has been nominated and awarded a prestigious spot in the 2020 class of the 25 Women in Leadership by News Channel 25.

Beginning her career in 2005 at HMC by joining the Physical Therapy Department to create a sports medicine program in the community, Emily continued through the ranks by becoming the Manager of the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Department in 2008, Vice President of Clinical Operations in 2015, and on November 22, 2019 was appointed as Chief Operating Officer.

In her nomination, Emily was recognized for the leadership she has brought during the COVID-19 pandemic.  From tackling safety strategies, mitigating visitor restrictions, staffing management, and the complex’s financial bottom line, Emily continues to face each day with calm and compassion in her leadership role.

After hearing of the announcement, Whitson commented, “I am humbled to be a part of such a prestigious group of Women in Leadership.  While I am honored, I am also grateful for each of the over 350 employees that are part of the HMC Campus, and the roles each of them have played not only during COVID-19, but each day at our complex.”

Hopedale Medical complex is a nationally recognized 5-star facility with an on-site emergency room, a full service hospital with state-of-the-art surgical suites, physician’s offices, outpatient testing, daycare, wellness center, modern nursing home, along with an assisted and independent living facility.