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Major Reid Nannen Cancellation
May 15, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and maintaining the health and safety of the Hopedale Community and all visitors for the Major Reid Nannen Annual 5K/1 Mile Walk, our HMC Race Committee has decided to cancel the Fourth of July race event for 2020.

HMC will not be hosting a virtual race for this event but encourage all those who want to run a 5K in memory of Major Reid Nannen or any other veteran to do so. We would also ask that everyone remember and/or thank our military veterans that are deceased, retired or active this Fourth of July. 

You can pay your respects by visiting the Hopedale Veterans Memorial in front of the Hopedale Medical Complex where a statue of Reid stands, and the names of our local veterans are inscribed on the pillars.

Proceeds from the Nannen Race Event go to maintaining and upgrading the Hopedale Veterans Memorial to honor our veterans. Any donations to the memorial in honor of the 2020 Major Reid Nannen event are appreciated and can be made: by check – send it to Hopedale Medical Foundation, Attn: HAVM Committee, PO Box 267 Hopedale, IL 61747.  Please just place HAVM in the memo line of the check or call Mindy Peterson-Lindsey directly at 309.449.4290 and she can run your credit card or meet to pick up payment.

The HMC Nannen Race Committee will be working diligently to make the July 4, 2021 race a bigger than ever event and we hope that you will be a part of it.


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