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March Swim Lessons at Wellness Center
March 2, 2018


March Swim Lessons

            The CDC recommends all children know the basics of swimming because it can be life-saving information, especially for children age 1-4. Hopedale Wellness Center is offering leveled children’s swim lessons. All courses are offered on Tuesday and Thursday night March 6th-29th in the indoor aquatics area. Cost is $35 for HWC members and $45 for non-members. Register online at or by calling (309) 449-4500.  If these times do not work for your busy schedule, private lessons can be set up by contacting the Wellness Center. 


Sample Skills Taught



Parent & Tot

  • Increase comfort in the water
  • Front kicks
  • Prone Glides
  • Rolling over
  • Accompanying adult (one-on-one in the pool)
  • Age 6 months
  • Swim diaper or potty trained  


Level 1

  • Increased comfort in the water
  • Putting face in the water for 3 seconds
  • Floating with support for 3 seconds
  • Leaving the side of the pool
  • Age 4 years


Level 2

  • Unsupported floating for 5 seconds
  • Jump in the water and return to the side
  • Swim for 5 yards
  • Level 1 skills
  • Age 4 years



Level 3

  • Freestyle and back stroke swimming
  • Treading water
  • Jumping into deep water
  • Level 2 skills
  • Age 4 years



Level 4

  • Rotary breathing skills
  • Increasing swim distance to 25 yards
  • Elementary strokes
  • Treading water for 2 minutes
  • Level 3 skills
  • Age 4 years




The Hopedale Wellness Center Aquatics area features a 25-yard junior Olympic pool with lap lanes, a warm-water therapy pool, and a large spa. The pool is located within the 34,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Hopedale Wellness Center in Hopedale, IL.