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Hopedale Medical Complex Celebrates National Food Day
October 19, 2015

On October 23, 2015, Hopedale Medical Complex will observe National Food Day. National Food Day is coordinated by Healthcare without Harm, an organization whose mission is to transform the health sector worldwide, without compromising patient safety or care.

National studies have determined that each year 23,000 Americans die as a result of antibiotic resistant infections which has been linked to humans consuming meat from animals treated with high doses of antibiotics. The hospital stays for treating these infections cost an estimated $21-34 billion annually and an additional eight million patient hospital days.

“Antibiotic resistance” refers to the ineffectiveness of medicine to treat bacterial infections and is now one of the CDC’s top concerns. Moreover, the World Health Organization recently stated that this issue is an “accelerating global health security emergency that is rapidly outpacing available treatment options”.

The primary goal of National Food Day is to raise awareness on the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture and to highlight the role of food service in protecting public health. Healthcare institutions also have an important role in creating a healthier food system due to their substantial food service budgets, and their role as trusted authorities on health issues.

Hopedale Medical Complex is one resource for healthy, natural food sources. HMC’s garden, located at White Fence Estate provides access to fresh, local produce to many Café patrons, residents, and patients of HMC. On October 23, Hopedale Medical Complex will serve meat exclusively produced without routine, non-therapeutic antibiotics. It is the goal of the Hopedale Medical Complex Food and Nutrition Services Department to provide food with the best nutritional value and safety for our patients, visitors, and employees. The lunch will be served in the HMC Café from 11am-1pm and the public is welcome to join.

For more information on the Hopedale Medical Complex Health and Nutrition Services department, please contact Kevin Roecker at 309-449-4243.