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April 21-28 is SAFE KIDS: Sports Safety Week
April 18, 2012

Peoria, IL- In recognition of Sports Safety Week, Hopedale Medical Complex’s Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Team will be assisting in conducting FREE sports injury prevention screenings during the Peoria Chiefs game on Monday, April 23.

April 21-28 is Safe Kids: Sports Safety Week in Peoria. The Hopedale Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine professionals are pleased to join the Children’s Hospital of Illinois and the American Red Cross in these free screenings to help raise awareness and stress the importance of sports safety and prevention.

“Injury prevention is one of the most important parts of training for a team sport” said Emily Whitson, MS, ATC and Director of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at Hopedale Medical Complex. “By providing these screenings, parents and kids alike will have an opportunity to detect and prevent many early conditions.”

So stop out at O’Brien Field on April 23 and visit the Safe Kids/HRSM area to be evaluated by a Certified Athletic Trainer and given injury prevention tips to “Keep YOU in the Game”.