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Swing Bed in Pekin IL

Medicare Swing Bed Program at Hopedale Medical

Hopedale Medical Swing Bed Program


Hopedale Medical Complex is a swing bed eligible facility in Pekin IL. Our center has the capability of switching levels of care to address the needs of various patients. From acute care to skilled care, our swing bed capabilities serve as an alternative to prolonged acute hospitalization or short-term nursing facility placement for post-acute extended care. Our swing bed program also provides skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services, offering flexibility to deal with different kinds of cases. If you find yourself needing time to recover from a surgery, illness or injury, then Hopedale Medical Complex's swing bed program would allow you to recover in a hospital setting instead of a nursing home. 

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Save on medical expenses with our swing bed capabilities in Pekin IL. Hopedale Medical Complex lives up to its goal of providing quality and affordable health care that will lead you to recovery. We have helped many individuals achieve their goals, and we would like to help you, too. We offer the following services:

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