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Outpatient Therapy in Pekin IL

Outpatient Care near Pekin

Ambulatory Care at Hopedale Medical Complex

For cases that do not require hospital admission, Hopedale Medical Complex offers top-notch outpatient services. Our Outpatient Care has helped numerous individuals get better with each visit. We provide multiple services and comprehensive care for patients, from pre-screening to post-operative skilled nursing care. Ongoing care & personalizing is very important, as treatment or therapy does not end when a patient is sent home. Continuous care and treatment are essential to ensuring that conditions do not recur and that recovery is well underway. We consider it to be a privilege to provide patients with compassionate medical treatment at the highest level of quality, safety, and service.  

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When it comes to outpatient care, Hopedale Medical Complex has the experience and capabilities to help those who need the right care. Trust our professional staff to help you with the latest treatment and equipment. In addition, we offer the following services:

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