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Extended Nursing Care in Pekin IL

Extended Nursing Care in Pekin IL

Long-Term Care in Pekin

Individuals such as the elderly who do not require the acute care provided in a hospital but who need more care than that which can be given at home require extended nursing care. In Pekin, Hopedale Medical Complex provides this type of care so that those who are transitioning from hospital to home can receive proper care. We offer short- and long-term care for individuals who need rehabilitation services or for those who have serious or persistent health issues that are too complicated to be cared for at home. Individuals who require assistance for certain tasks, such as getting in and out of bed, feeding, bathing, and dressing, can rely on our extended nursing care services. Trust Hopedale Medical Complex for quality long-term services today!

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When you require extended nursing services, it is best to trust in Hopedale Medical Complex. We have complete facilities and equipment manned by a professional staff to help you on your journey to recovery. Hopedale Medical Complex also offers the following services in addition to extended nursing:

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