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HMC COVID-19 Information


HMC is only conducting COVID-19 testing on patients who require hospitalization due to their COVID-19 like symptoms.  Persons with COVID-like illness not requiring hospitalization should stay home. It is safer for the patients and health care workers, and testing does not currently change clinical management or recommendations about staying home. Aside from this, the tests themselves are in short supply, as well as the chemicals used in them, and they should be conserved for use on those in need most. 

Our ER triage area is NOT for drive up testing.  Drive thru mass testing can be considered irresponsible and dangerous as these systems use up personal protective equipment like masks, gowns and gloves that are currently in short supply around the world.  This leaves the front line clinical staff in a vulnerable position as these items continue to be rationed. 

Please stay home and help stop the spread.