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HMC COVID-19 Information

A Note from the COO

As the members of the community are well aware, the world is dealing with an unprecedented healthcare situation in the COVID-19 pandemic.  My hope is that this page, with all of the most current information related to HMC’s response to COVID-19, can be used as a valuable resource in the fight against the virus.  HMC is utilizing internal protocols to conserve our supplies, mitigate virus exposure, and protect our patients, staff, physicians, residents, and community.  I know our wonderful community will do their part to aid in this fight against COVID-19.  HMC looks forward to returning to normal operations soon, but in the meantime we are still providing the same 5 star care that we do every day, just under modified circumstances. I appreciate the teamwork that is being exhibited by the HMC staff in the midst of this crisis.  This is unprecedented and uncharted territory for everyone and it is taking a lot of extraordinary logistical effort behind the scenes of HMC.  We will continue to navigate this matter in a concerted effort with our wonderful, supportive community.