While You’re Here

Safe and Secure

Making sure your experience is as safe, comfortable and pleasant as possible is important to us. HMC, unlike many facilities its size, maintains a skilled night-time protective services staff to help provide a safe, secure environment for patients, visitors and employees.
Their job is to patrol the campus, protect our buildings and personal property, secure doors, and also assist residents and patients to safety in the unlikely event of a fire emergency and in severe weather. To speak with a protective services officer or to request assistance, call the Administration Department at (309) 449-4296.

In Case of Emergency

Patients and visitors experiencing an emergency within the hospital should dial 9, then 9-1-1 immediately. They are encouraged to speak with the Director of their building for information on telephones, emergency pendants, evacuation routes, etc. Maintaining the safety of our residents, patients and staff is a top priority, and this is why HMC conducts regular drills, and has an active Incident and Safety Committee which oversees our Disaster Plan. We agree with the Boy Scout’s motto: BE PREPARED.

Tobacco-free Policy

HMC is a tobacco-free hospital.  Smoking or other tobacco use is not allowed in HMC buildings, property, sidewalks or parking areas. If you use tobacco products and would like medical assistance to stop, please speak with a physician or nurse.

Cafe & Dining

Our cafeteria serves HMC employees, patients, residents and the community. Our extensive menu provides healthy and tasty food options. We offer a selection of organic and non processed food on our menu.  When preparing food, we keep your health in mind.
Learn more about our Cafe.

Internet Access

Get connected!  HMC has free Wi-Fi internet access for patients, residents and guests. For further assistance or technical questions, call:  309.449.4036 or, if dialing from HMC, dial EXT 4036.