Cardiopulmonary Services

At HMC’s Cardiopulmonary Services Department we offer comprehensive diagnostic services for the heart and lungs, as well as respiratory therapy for inpatients and outpatients. The department is staffed by Respiratory Therapists who are highly trained specialists utilizing the latest technology and techniques to help people manage a wide range of breathing problems caused by disease, illness, or accident. The Cardiopulmonary Services Department provides comprehensive diagnostic cardiac and respiratory testing.


Tests and Services

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COPD includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema or both. It is a progressive disease that causes irreversible lung damage, so early diagnosis and disease management are critical to helping patients breathe better. Because it is a largely unrecognized disease, the DRIVE4COPD campaign offers a brief five-question screener to help people identify their risk for COPD.

For many, taking the screener may be the first time they have considered if they are at risk for COPD. Those who score at risk for COPD are encouraged to begin a dialogue with their healthcare professional.

COPD Screener

How To Find Us

Cardiopulmonary Services is located inside Hopedale Hospital and is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


For more information about Cardiopulmonary Services at HMC, please contact us:
Phone: 309.449.4248
Fax: 309.449.4317